Kakuri Fine Cut Saw Set, Precise, 520-204

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Kakuri Fine Cut Saw Set, Precise, 520-204

KAKURI Fine Cut Saw Precise Work Set in Bag

Kakuri Precision Saw Set includes: •Heavy duty canvas bag •Semi-Long Red Oak Handle (175mm) •Four blades: 1) Fine Cut 180mm 2) Hardwood 210mm 3) Flush Cut 180mm 4) Keyhole Fine Cut 100mm

The Precision Saw Set includes a red oak handle, four saw blades and a heavy duty Kakuri canvas bag.

This set is perfect for fine woodworking and allows a wide range of tasks such as, cutting dove tails accurately and effortlessly, cutting timber joints where precision work is required, cutting flush to the surface without marking your work and getting into tight places with the fine keyhole saw. There is also a blade for hardwood which can be used for just about any job. There are endless possibilities for their use, because the blades and handle in this set are completely interchangeable with the rest of the Kakuri Fine Cut Series

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