KTC  Free Position Wrench Set, Model ATE 104

KTC Free Position Wrench Set, Model ATE 104

KTC Free Position Wrench Set, Model ATE 104
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Product Description

KTC Free Position Wrench Set, ATE104 • Can be used to tighten and loosen nuts and bolts in confined areas such as• Vehicle engine starters, on engine mounts, on manifolds, fitting air conditioners Bolts, adjusting bolts on various types of belts, around drive shafts, flanges, and around piping • Can be used on a wide range of different sized nuts and bolts. • Because the wrench and wrench handle are separate entities, they can be combined at the rear side of the wrench socket to be used in a variety of ways. • The wrench itself can be set in 24 different positions at 15° intervals off the handle so that work can be carried out at a variety of different angles. • If the wrench bit and the exclusive handle are used in the "free" state, the wrench may be operated at a high speed. (Photo 3) • The wrench is a compact, flat ratchet type (15° Fast operation is possible with crank motion. *ATE104 includes blister tray

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